Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Dossier in DC!

Our dossier arrived in Washington,DC yesterday afternoon! Today and tomorrow, it is traveling around DC, first to the U.S. State Department to be authenticated and then to the Ethiopian Embassy for more authentication. After so many setbacks and frustrating re-do's, it is exciting to see it finally there. Next, it will be mailed back to our agency which will forward it on to Ethiopia, once we pay all our fees ($22,750) before being sent off. (Hmm, that is another blog for another day) But at this point, please pray for the timing on that.

And, I wanted to post a picture of S at the INS Application Support Center. We did a homeschool field trip (hah) there last week to do our fingerprints again. M and I are proud to tell you that we are officially experts at having our fingerprints taken and considered it a delight to journey to the beautiful Denver suburb of Aurora. The office is nestled in a posh 1975ish strip mall with the smell of fast food grease and a dry cleaner next door mingling throughout the building. No offense, INS, but we do hope we won't experience this encounter again!

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