Friday, January 9, 2009

Are You Ready?

I think I've been asked this question 100 times this week. (If you're one of the people that asked me, don't feel bad, it's the obvious question to ask me right now). However, the more I've been asked the more I pause to process what I still need to do and then I'm certain there's a whole other list of things that I've failed to think of doing at all. At any rate, I'm experiencing some anxiety

Motte blogged recently about being 'ready' here. I love the shock of truth in what he said. We're getting ready for... the pain. But then one of his readers responded to his post with a beautiful quote from Prince Caspian. She reminded us of the scene when Aslan asks Caspian if he is ready to be king. Caspian answers that he doesn't think he is. And Aslan replies, "If you had thought you were ready, it would have been a sign that you were not."

I think all Christians have defining moments like this in life; when we see that we are (completely) unevenly matched with the task at hand. But this is right where God loves to have us. Because at this moment, we reqlinquish the pride in our hearts and let go of our self-sufficiency and we look up into heaven and cry out, 'God, fill me with YOU.' Then, and only then, in the power of the Lord Jesus himself, there is nothing you can't do.

We look forward to telling the story of how God pulls us through this adventure!


Anonymous said...

I am buying that boy some green or navy blue! ;-) I love that line from Prince Caspian. Frankly, you are never ready but it is still wonderful and painful at the same time. Your life will never be normal as you know it. It will be a new "normal" and over time you will adjust to it. See you tomorrow!

Karen said...

I LOVE this picture - sooo precious! (Even if Oliver is in pink! I know once he's with you, he'll never be in pink again!) :)

You are all in our prayers. It was wonderful to see you today and to be on this journey with you. Take it one day at a time and trust in the Lord with all your heart!

The Andersons said...

Of course this is teaching us to depend upon God more every moment. How can we ever be ready for what are about to embark upon?

But for a little humor, Scotty likes to say, "Adoption is like marriage, if you keep asking questions and try to wait until you are "ready" for it, you'll never do it!

Be assured of our prayers for you and I can't wait to meet them!

Leslie said...

Ollie in pink again, hillarious!

I think that what happens to us when God gives us something that we're not ready for, is that we become someone that we never would have become if we hadn't been stretched beyond our limits. We can't become that person before but only as we go through it.

God will make you and Motte into people you would have never become had you never adopted these kids. You will be more reliant upon him, more resourceful, you will develop stamina you never knew had, planning and survival skills, new training techniques, new ways of engaging all these children and teaching them about the Lord.

Of course, it will all be from the Lord doing it within you, not you doing it yourself. His grace will rise to your need. You will feel pain as you are stretched, just like when we exercise our physical bodies and push them to be more fit.

But when we remember the pain is producing spiritual fitness, it makes it easier. And the joys will far outweigh everything else.
Your prayers are with us.

Leslie said...

Oops, I meant to say in that last line that our prayers are with you (although I know that you pray for us to and that we need it too.)

Devi said...

I got to your blog via the Boundless blog. I was just in Ethiopia traveling around last week, and it's a truly wonderful place. The people are lovely, the food is wonderful. Hope you have a great time with your new kids.

Laura said...

This blog has been a cause for major rejoicing in my heart. Praise God for this blessing, for this opportunity. Know that your story is an encouragement to me and the others who read about it.

Praying a LOT for y'all today as you journey to meet your little darlins -- you new family members!

Peter and Nancy said...

Joy and peace to you as you travel! (I found your blog through Boundless.) Thanks for sharing about how God has provided for every need -- my husband and I are considering a second adoption from India, and you are reminding us that it doesn't depend on our resources.

All the boys at our daughter's orphanage were perpetually dressed in pink too. :o)
-- Nancy

Shawnda said...

Wow, wow, wow!!!! Andrea just led me to your blog! I'm amazed and excited for you! Praise GOD!!!!!! Can't wait to hear more! Congratulations!!!!

Laura said...

Welcome home, Browns! Praying for your health and the health of your precious children. Can't wait to see an update!

Beka said...

Hi there,
My name is Maggie and I'm a friend of the Sprague family. (Our husbands went to college together.) What a blessing it's been to read your blog and "meet" your gang. We've been blessed with six children (biologically) and still all feel like we have room for more. :)

Maggie Duke

Beka said...

Hi, it's Maggie again. My comment was sent before I had a chance to finish it:) We would love to add to our family, and adoption is very much on our hearts and in our minds. I'd love your perspective on adopting multiples and especially your experience with Ethiopia. Since you guys are busy getting to know one another, I won't mind if you take a while to comment. I'll be praying for your happy adjustment!