Sunday, September 7, 2008

They saw them!

Our dear friends, the Shannons, just got back from Ethiopia this weekend with their new kids. We are using the same agency for our adoptions and received our referrals within a few months of each other. What has been really fun is that their children and ours are from the same region and have been in the same orphanage. However, we thought that ours remained in Soddo (about 8 hours south of Addis) and had not been moved to Addis Ababa yet, as their's had.

But when they went to the foster home to pick up their children last week, they saw our older two children! Tigist was playing with some other girls in the front courtyard. They kept smiling at her and even tried to speak with her but she apparently was very shy and I'm sure could not understand them. Then, they saw Daniel get off of a bus and go inside with some other boys. (They keep the children seperated by gender, which is sad because I don't know how much they get to see their siblings.)

I can't explain the joy and excitement we have experienced, knowing that they saw them in person. Although we have received a nice handful of pictures from our agency and they update us on their vital statistics, there was something so real and tangible to hear how near they were--that they talked with them and made eye contact -with these precious little souls that are so much a part of our hearts and thoughts, though not yet ours. How we long for the day when that shy little smile will be for us!


huardjennifer said...

Wow!!!! That is so neat that Brandon and Lisa saw them in person!

huardjennifer said...
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kbs said...

Beth and Motte, you are such brave people to take this leap of faith. I have sent your blog info to a large group of praying friends. My dad has already sent me the name of a friend from Ethiopia that wants to adopt and is encouraged by your story! Will forward e-mail. We will keep you in our prayers.

lrconst said...

You must be over the moon. What a thrill! So excited to be following you on this journey. You are going to be great!!! And, you are soooooo not alone as you forge forward. Let me know if you need ANYTHING!