Monday, October 6, 2008

Our Dossier is Headed to Ethiopia!

Are you enjoying watching the illustrious travels of our dossier? It has lead quite an exciting life over the past few weeks, but now it finally flies to Ethiopia where it will fulfill its life ambition -- to bring these children home to us!

And, if you've been reading between the lines in my posts, we were convinced that nothing short of a miracle would enable us to send the dossier to Ethiopia this week. A very large chunk of our adoption fees ($22,750, to be exact) were due today before the dossier would be mailed to Ethiopia. Less than 24 hours before that deadline hit this morning, God delivered. A precious couple in our church approached us yesterday morning, simply asked how much we were short, and then proceeded to write us a check for that amount , $3,500. We were speechless.

We stand amazed at the power of God and the beautiful way He chooses to raise up obedient saints to accomplish His great purposes on this earth. We are simply vessels, cooperating with His will, as we stand back and watch Him move mountains to bring four helpless Ethiopian children into our family here in America. What a mighty God He is!

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The Andersons said...

Praise the Lord - I prayed for you finances as i wished i had bunched of money to pay for your adoption (and ours of course). what wonderful confirmation. i'm checking for updates often!! can i put your blog on mine?