Saturday, October 4, 2008

Suburban It Is

For those of you who remember me mentioning our dilemma several months ago about what sort of vehicle we would buy to fit all eight of us, you can now sleep at night. The decision was made. We have landed in a large, gas-guzzling Suburban. It was a close race between that and an 8-passenger mini-van, but the Suburban edged out the minivans with all the cargo space in the back to fit a double-stroller and 100 bags of groceries (this scenario was actually tested). And, with two large carseats crammed into the front row, with the 3rd seat constantly folding forward to let the other 3 older kids in the back (only moms will track with me here), the Suburban seemed to be the easiest (easy being a relative term) solution to our unique situation. And with the cost of gas like it is, car dealerships are almost giving large SUVs away because the only people that want them are those adopting four additional children -- or some other crazy scenario.

Okay, so now all we need are our kids. (That is a joke. We are not even CLOSE to being ready for them!)

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KaLynn said...

God is SO good! Congrads on your new gas guzzler that will fit your new family of soon to be 8! ;)