Saturday, December 20, 2008

How Much They've Changed

I wanted to take you back to early May of this year to explain a bit of the transformation that has happened in our children since then. I'm posting another picture of our kids here, taken in May when they first arrived at the orphanage in Soddo. Pictures honestly don't tell the story well enough.

We think this picture was taken within days after their mother left to make the 20 kilometer journey back to their village. You can still see the fear and sadness on their faces. Slowly, thoughout the summer as we received new pictures and updates, we could begin to see faint smiles from them. And in October and November we finally saw a full smile from each of them (which I'll also post below for your enjoyment!)

And if pictures don't tell the story well enough, look at how much they grew in a little over six months.

  • Grace grew 2 1/2 inches and went from 30.8 pounds to 39. 7 pounds.
  • Luke grew almost 3 and 1/2 inches and went from 22 pounds to 31.5 pounds (do you know a 6 year old who weighs 22 pounds?)
  • And the twins were 5 pounds (Olivia) and 6.2 pounds (Oliver) when they were 3 weeks. They now weigh 14.3 pounds (Olivia) and 17.63 pounds (Oliver) at 7 1/2 months old. They are healthy!

I truly believe that God saved their lives through the loving care of this orphanage over the past 7 months. What a miracle.

Tomorrow, I will post a fascinating article written by an international adoption veteran, Michelle Gardner, titled Facing the Lion: The Ethiopian Famine. In it she explains the devastation and urgency of what is happening to Ethiopians and why orphan children are flooding their orphanages.


Dorinda said...

Oh wow, what a change! The twins have grown so much - so big and healthy :) I know they will all do so well with you guys.

Karen said...

What a blessing that they have been well cared for and fed and that they are growing healthier each day!

Imagine - kids who have never eaten McDonalds! They won't be begging for the golden arches every time you drive by! :) :) :)