Monday, December 22, 2008

Our Fundraising Prayer

We didn't know how the Lord would provide the $47,000 we needed to bring four Ethiopian children home. But we felt that even if we had to borrow tens of thousands of dollars to complete the adoption, we believed that God would meet our need one way or another.

And He has.

To date, we've raised a total of $38,730 -- $26,730 from individual gifts and $12,000 from two organizations in the form of grants, LifeSong for Orphans and Shaohannah's Hope. And though we're short of our goal, we are greatly humbled by the financial sacrifice many of our friends and family members (and, frankly, several people that had just met us) have made to bring new hope and life for these four orphans. And to bless our family to become their family.

Dear friends, thank you for making this possible. Thank you for coming alongside us in this most blessed endeavor. You have participated in what God calls a "pure and undefiled" religion, to care for the orphan.

What a faith-increasing thing it is to see the Lord provide over $40,000 to change forever our lives and the lives of Tigist, Mebratu, Konjit, and Wondamu.


Karen said...

God is so good and I am confident He will provide the rest that you need.

Celebrating with you and your new children..... :)

sara said...

God is so amazing!! I continue to cling to your journey, so excited to meet the newest Browns!! I have the same question as everyone else, WHEN??? do you get to bring these beautiful children home????